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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My other job

Thought you might like to see what my grumpy shop looks like. It's closed on a Wednesday which is traditionally known as the half shut day. How can a shop be half shut? I make it completely shut instead.

I've been doing more workshop prep today and turning my mind to the disabled workshop which is only a week away - a week today in fact. Have decided that I'm going to add to their list How to Turn Yourself into an Old Bag - or a version of it - which I did for International Women's Day a while back. This involves decorating ready made calico bags in various ways and I thought it would be good because you instantly have a product. When they were showing me round I saw piles of felt squares that were to be made into a hanging but never had been. Understandable, but a bit sad. It did impress upon me that make it and take it would probably be a better route.


MargaretR said...

Your fully shut shop looks very posh and agree with the make it an take it idea.

Zaz said...

oh ho - looks very posh - is that gorgeous person looking out our very own grumpy shopkeeper???

looks like you sell (or display ) a lot of jewellery??? also cant quite read the centre sign ???????? what does it say?


Grumpy said...

Not me looking out Sara - too cheerful to be me. The sign refers to designer
I sell a lot of her jewellery

Anonymous said...

Do you design jewellery yourself? I looked at a page of Shelia Fleet's work and as usual it so much better than anything you can get in Texas! nice clean lines and good design.

Are you based in Orkney? I known someone who does art therapy up there, Wilma Stewart,very common surname I know but given the art circle is small you might know her.

Grumpy said...

Hi jacqui

No I'm nearer the border with England. Not a jewellery designer myself but run workshops ecouraging people to try making jewellery from junk, like seaglass for example - or beachglass I think you call it in the States? Yes, Sheila Fleet jewellery is lovely.

Gill said...

I agree with Margaret and Sara, the Grumpy shop looks like exactly the kind of place I would head for - very attractive place with so many extremely tempting things in the window (which are just too small to see properly but enough to make me curious!)

Helen Cowans said...

Sally - it's great to see a photo of the shop at last :) Agree it looks really posh!!!!