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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Medusa - eat your heart out!

Okay, so it's not a head of writhing snakes. It's a head of wooly worms. I've crocheted myself a wighat. You know, as in....put on your red dress babyee, put your wighat on your head.... Don't have a red dress but at least now I have a wighat.

Could have done with it today. Went to early morning yoga class. Back at lunchtime and chum who was driving dropped me at the marina where dearly beloved was all fired up and ready to cut a furrow to neighbouring island. Furrow was duly cut but clad only in yoga gear it was well chilly I can tell you. Why can you never put your hands on a wighat when you need one?


ambermoggie said...

love the hat Sal how did you make it?

Grumpy said...

Don't know what you call it Amermoggie but you wrap your yarn seven times round the hook to make the worms.

Sue said...

Fab hat, Grumpy! I think hats are the new socks as have crocheted 2 myself during the festive period.

Sue Sanderson said...


your hat is brill!!!

Sue xx