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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Camera shy

Camera has gone on the fritz tonight - how annoying! Bought a pack of batteries in the Scrap Store and they don't work. Now there's a surprise! In the meantime, here's a self portrait from the files to jolly things up. Cheers!

All ready for school in the morning. Homework done, shirt ironed, shoes shined. Oh no, that's when I was on the receiving end. Still have nightmares about that.

On my way to school tomorrow I have an interesting meeting. A local outreach arts centre have been enquiring whether I would provide a day's training for the staff of a local disabled adult's work centre. 20 staff looking for craft projects for their service users (been swating up - this is the correct term). None of the staff is currently trained I'm told. That send shivers up my spine. I presume they mean in the craft line but who knows? Anyway, through the best way to get a handle on what would be useful to them would be to go visit, meet the people and see what they are currently making. Don't know if they are making with aim of selling or just to improve their self esteem. Either way, I'm sure there will be something I can help them with and I'm looking forward to the challenge......Watch this space. More tomorrow.


Gill said...

Fascinating, Grumpy...IMHE staff of such places get drained of ideas and benefit from a bit of creative input from time to time. I bet a session with you would be manna from heaven!
Come to think of it, we all need a bit of input to replace all the ideas, inspiration and creativity we pour out so generously. Where do you get your boost from?

Grumpy said...

I love, love, love to be challenged Gill! The school wanted eight weeks on Vikings and I though – oh no you don’t! Then I had to work out what to offer instead. That’s my launchpad. As far as my personal work goes, I would love to belong to a mixed media group that set bizarre challenges. Still seeking that one out.

helen suzanne said...

lol we should set one up Sally! ermmm along the lines of a pal of mine?... her and a school friend to bizarre challenges. "First one to...." no time limit attached. It's got them some bizarre results... First one to get something into space, she won with her signature getting on a space shuttle... First one to get something published...etc

Or maybe just a general challange?