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Saturday, January 14, 2006

More faces than the town clock

Spent a jolly afternoon in grumpy shopkeeper land making collage overlays to show the kids the correct (?) placement for facial features. I reckon they should reach this stage with their jumping jack puppets next week. It made as horrendous mess - or should that be I made an horrendous mess? I had to serve several people (yes, I actually had customers today) with glue all over my hands. No-one asked what I was doing. They just looked at me oddly.

I love collage and it's something that I never do. I really must make an effort to do more of it. Wanted this to look pretty much as if a child did it (wow, what a success) but was very tempted to keep fiddling and fiddling. As it was I had to force myself to stop, tidy up, hoover and go home when the time came. I'm back in the school on Monday so had to leave grumpy shop keeper land in a fit state for my lovely assistant to take over. Looking forward to getting back to work with the kids.


MargaretR said...

Very effective! I remember my GD enjoying collaging faces when she was younger. Still have an unfinished one in her chest in my loft.

Tried to send you an email earlier, but it would not leave my box. All the others went but not yours.

Helen Suzanne said...

These are really effective Sally. I just love what you do with the puppets too. I bet the kids love it. Hey if you fancy a trip to the hebrides I'll enquire if the local arts orgs will fund a workshop ;))