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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Treasure from trash

Just back from a glorious afternoon raking about the wonderful, wonderful Scapstore. Found all kinds of fabulous 'pruch'. This the Scottish word for treasure that comes your way in a serendipitous fashion. Pronounced with a soft 'ch' as in loch.

Anyway, what did I find? All kinds of thing with marvelous puppet making potential including lots of little wooden sticks with holes in just begging to be made into aeroplane controls for string puppets. Plastic bottles by the million, perfect for little hard bodies. Add some string and button arms and legs and you're away. Enough cardboard tube to sink a ship - or build a new one. This means the bottledogs are off the leash and can definitely go ahead.

This was my strangest find. Lots and lots of offcuts of pleated plastic from - blinds? -lampshades? It has such potential for fabulosity I can't tell you. Sculpture, garments, wiggly, snakey puppet bodies. There were huge bits too which, being plastic, will be great table coverings for mess making.

In amongst the paint, batteries, folders, corrugated paper, tracing paper and other extraneous useful things I picked up I also managed to find a little treat for myself. In a plastic bag labeled Inverallan Hand Knitters,
I found these. They are machine knit rather than hand in beautiful wool obviously offcuts from knitwear of some kind. In the bag was a little piece of paper which said 'shrink and felt in machine. Cut and hook strips' I think I'll definitely do the washing machine felting and then play it by ear after that. What yummy potential! Intersperse with my own knitting? Machine stitch into them? Combine them into a unique fabric of some kind and see it I have enough to make a garment? Definitely have enough for several hats. Oooooo, let me at it. Get that unwashed laundry that I forgot to turn on this morning onto the floor and let feltmaking commence!


MargaretR said...

Wow you are going to have fun Sally.

Gill said...

Wow, so much treasure in one visit! Those knitting bits are really great. Glad to think that you found plenty for yourself as you were trawling for things for others. Nice and well deserved treat!


Anonymous said...

It's just not fair!! Glasgow 'bits and bobs' is better than Edinburgh. Who's in charge, eh??