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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Robot safety pin man prepares to launch into orbit on his thermos flask. It's my yoga teacher's fault. 'I want you to move' she said to us last week 'like these dolls we used to have whose arms were joined together with an elastic band running through their body.'
What? She wants our arms to fall off revealing a large plastic hook? It reminded me of that low tech construction method and elastic bands are at the heart of robot man catching his safety pin limbs and holding them in place. Had a problem with his safety pin limbs being double jointed but slipping on silver paper rolls makes them bend in the required direction only.

His plastic bottle bottle is stuffed with silver paper. Thought I would ask the kids to keep their empty crisp packets to fill him up. Beats flinging them on the ground which is their usual modus operandi.

The little wooden sticks so ideal for his aeroplane controls had some holes ready drilled but more were required. Will have to do this in batches as found holding the heavy drill pretty hard work for my stiff old finger joints.

Making robot man certainly kept me sane in Grumpy shopkeeper land today. Being January, customers are pretty thin on the ground so it was just me and my shadow. Beats talking to yourself I guess.


Gill said...

Only you and your shadow? what about dinky robot safety pin man?! He's great!

Love the idea of stuffing the bottles with crisp packets too.

ambermoggie said...

who needs customers you and your shadow is enough Sal:))