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Friday, January 13, 2006


' Are you a REAL artist?' the kids always ask. It would be interesting to know what their definition of a real artist is. I breath, therefore I make art? If you prick me, do I not bleed paint? I put on a small impromptu display to prove that somewhere in my soberly dressed, standard issue body there is a small artistic bone. And talking of bones, guess who stole the show?

Woof woof!


MargaretR said...

Just popped by to see what you are doing. No wonder he stole the show.
Correct me if I'm wromg but was that a skeleton at the top? BTW you are a 'proper artist?. Do ask next time what they think a 'proper' artist is.

MargaretR said...

Last entry was a statement. You are a proper artist!! It was not a question. Should always Preview first.

Grumpy said...

It is a skelenton Margaret. I made it during my City & Guilds course when I was supposed to be learning embroidery. 'Is it a man or a wumman?' asked the kids. 'Dunno' I replied. This was an acceptable answer. 'it's a skelington wi a dug' they told each other.