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Friday, January 13, 2006

Reached the dogleg

A sweet boy chopped up all my cardboard tubes into 400 odd bits. Finally I've reached the dogleg! Meantime I drilled my way through 66 bits of balsa wood and constructed 33 aeroplane controls for the safety pin robots. I screwed them together with dinkie little nuts and bolts but they tend to come undone if you shake 'em about. Going to add a dab of hot glue to stop that from happening.

I'm a serial collector of old rubbish and have a zillion plastic boxes that once contained Ariel Liquitabs. I actually bought them for the boxes. How sad is that? Thought these would be ideal for the kids to keep their robots in. Marionettes are not the kind of beings that do well in close proximity to each other. Tends to result in fatal entaglements.

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